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Crash Course 2 Earn From Freelancing & Micro Jobs

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  • Crash Course 2 Earn From Freelancing & Micro Jobs

Advantage Of Learning This Course

  • Here students will learn how to take client orders online
  • This course lets you learn how to take job orders from sites like Odesk, Fiverr,, etc
  • Here you will learn all tips of how to earn from Freelancing jobs
  • This Freelancing crash course is designed for those who want to start their online business from home
  • This course will help you in becoming a successful freelancer with good monthly income
  • Well,this course will help you to learn the exact way to fetch client orders from all leading freelancing job sites
  • Further, this course will let you know how to start earning from micro jobs sites like Fiverr and others that offers works on various niches or categories
  • The Fiverr is one of the leading micro jobs sites that offers all kinds of jobs in any niches
  • In micro job sites like Fiverr one can make a good monthly earnings upto $200-$300 initially but there is no limit to maximum income here as in this regard everything used to depends on your volume of work you are getting in a month

Course Highlights

  • What is Micro jobs
  • How to create an account in Fiverr
  • How to create a Gig in Fiverr
  • How to optimize your Gig in Fiverr
  • How to rank a GIG & use Gig extras
  • Select your niche service for sale in Fiverr
  • How to create and upload video with your Gig
  • What is Freelancing jobs
  • How to earn as a freelancer and what are the top fields to start the work
  • Top freelancing job sites from where you can get orders
  • How to open account on all leading freelancing sites
  • How to bid or apply for your job on each leading freelancing sites like Skill Pages, Elance, Odesk, etc.
  • How to crack Odesk and other freelancing sites tests for becoming fully eligible
  • How to promote your job services through social media for capturing better attention and boosting visibility
  • How to create Video CV of yourself and grab client’s attention faster to accelerate your chance of getting the order

Duration – 24 hours (12classes x2hrs)