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Crash Course 1 : Video Marketing

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Significance of Learning Video Marketing

a) Videos are considered to be the latest and current marketing trend in the world of Digital Marketing

b) Videos convert three times better than any other form of marketing like text or banner ads etc

c) We can fetch valuable leads and conversion for any business, products or brands just by creating high-converting business promotion videos and optimize them in Google & YouTube

d) Though this course we will learn how to create and rank a video in the first page of Google & YouTube

e) We will also learn here how to create and edit a business video like professionals and optimize the same in 1st page of Google.

f) And lastly, we will teach you how to earn by doing Video SEO jobs online from sites like Fiverr, Odesk, etc.

So Kindly go through our course modules which are mentioned below.

Course Highlights

    • Basic Concepts of Video Marketing & How it works
    • Significance of Video Marketing in SEO
    • The process of selecting a suitable keyword or Affiliate product to make a video on it
    • Different types of videos like Review, Intro, PPT, Animated, animated slide show and how to create them etc.
    • Where to Outsource the video
    • Way to write SEO friendly Video headlines and description
    • Keyword tagging concepts and process, unearth the most profitable keywords for your video for better ranking
    • How to rank a video on top of YouTube and Google
    • How to generate video likes and comments
    • How to use Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to increase your video views and traffic
    • Basic concepts of Social Media Marketing
    • How to create a better video marketing strategy for better ranking of your video in Google
    • Learn how to make your video unique, so that visitors stays longer on your video
    • How to generate better leads from Video
    • Where to get video marketing jobs for making a regular earning

Duration – 24 hours (12classes x2hrs)

Duration: – 80 hours (40 classes *2 hours)